Youth Development Officer

Mubarak Hassan

Mubarak is Director of Young People Led (YPL). Prior to joining YPL, he has worked in strategic youth development and youth engagement, and served in staff positions within various organisations and the local authority. Notable is his fourteen years at Sheffield Futures, where he managed and delivered on key youth programs and other partnership initiatives. An advocate for social justice, he is currently Chair of Sheffield BME Network and co-Chair of Cohesion Advisory Group in Sheffield. He has been on a number of boards including 0-19+ Partnership Board, Sheffield Cubed, Ending Gang & Youth Violence VCS Board and Ending Gang & Youth Violence Commissioning Group.

He was honoured for services to community by Councillor Arthur Dunworth and the Lord Mayor of Sheffield. Other honours include being recognised for supporting community cohesion within Rivelin to Sheaf area by Jonathan Crossley Holland (Sheffield City Council Executive Director Children and Young People).

 Professional Skills

  • Managing, designing, and delivering youth programs.
  • Qualified Trainer that has delivered conflict resolution programs nationally and internationally to young people; parents and professionals on the dynamics of conflict, diffusion tactics, risk assessments and conflict management skills.
  • Degree in Youth and Community Work from Sheffield Hallam University
  • Level 4 Award in Management from Institute of Leadership & Management.
  • Mubarak has taken groups of young people to Northern Ireland, Italy and Turkey; where he managed educational programs that enabled young people to gain a greater understanding and experience of the dynamics of conflict in other countries and learn about the approaches adopted by these countries in managing the conflict.