Executive Director

Nura Ali Dhuhul

Nura is the voice of the East African women within the West Midlands and a distinguished member of the community. As an active citizen, she has been part of multiple Boards of organisations, including the Birmingham East Police IAG, the Neighbourhood Board and the Preventing Violence and Extremism Board. She has also extensive experience in the public and voluntary sector, working among others for Birmingham and Coventry City Council and fundraising for charities.
Influential, effective, hard-working and with excellent work ethic, Nura combines all the elements of a Leader. Innovator and entrepreneur, she took the step to establish Allies Network ltd in 2008, finally incorporating it in 2014, with the vision to run a platform to assist and resolve the issues of a community that she knows extremely well. Gifted with confidence, flexibility and motivational communication skills, she is a strong willed and profound humanitarian, who doesn’t hesitate to fight for the values and the goals of the organisation.

Professional skills:

  • Excellent communication skills with the ability to influence, negotiate and establish credibility to represent the organisation and enhance its reputation.
  • Strong partnership working skills with ability to recognise and exploit potential opportunities for joint agendas, encouraging collaboration to develop joint outcomes.
  • An effective and ‘visible’ leader with the ability to inspire and provide vision and direction, promoting a ‘can do’ attitude and an environment of creativity and innovation.
  • Ability to delegate responsibility, provide constructive feedback and coaching to individuals.
  • Drive, energy, emotional resilience and self-management skills to handle complex and extensive agendas.
  • Integrity, openness and awareness of others, with courage to make difficult decisions and be held accountable.