Our Story

Allies Network was established in 2008, and incorporated in 2014. Allies Network is a community organisation set up by women to support the growing Somali community and to ensure that people were able to participate in the city’s economic, social and community life.

Allies Network provides culturally sensitive support for local people, young and old, to acquire awareness, training, education and contribute to the economic development of the local community.


  1. Allies Network values provide a framework within which it operates. Allies Network is a democratic organisation with a flat hierarchy that encourages participation from all its members.
  2. Allies Network is a non-political, non-religious and non-profit organisation. It is free from discrimination on any basis.
  3. The organisation is committed to understanding and meeting the development needs of the community by being:


  • Responsible
  • Effective              
  • Accessible
  • Achievement oriented              
  • Collaborative                           
  • Honest and open            
  • Responsive                              
  • Behaving with integrity  
  • Respectable and respecting others